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I can't purchase postage is there any know issues? Is everybody doing ok? Is it just me?

New Contributor

I am trying to purchase a postage and it doesn't let me.


I stops at right here.

It's been like this for about an hour now.

So I was trying to open a account to see if it works and it also says my payment method is not valid.

And I called the bank of america and they don't see any payment that was attempted.

Does anybody experiencing same issues as I?



New Contributor

Also there is no contact phone number for shipstation because I'm Gold member.

How am I going to fix this issues or find out what's going on without contacting shipstation.

I need to ship my shipments today. I know I can send them an email but last time they took a day to answer.

I think USPS has serious problems these days.

Some of the shippments I sent out on Monday still don't have tracking information updated.

Howdy @jalalalala


Thanks so much for turning to the community for answers. We are thrilled to have you participating with us 🙂 


There is currently an outage happening with that is effecting the ability to purchase postage. This is nothing you are doing incorrectly by any means! 


I am keeping an eye on the Stamps Status Page to see when they are reporting a return of that functionality! 


I hope this helps! 


From Moderator Davis, May the force be with you!

Hi, I am currently experiencing a similar issue with UPS trying to add funds, but I get an Unexpected Provider error. When I went to check the stamps status page it shows no outage. Any help or update for this issue would be greatly appreciated.


(update) worked around it by adding funds to the usps account