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IP Blacklist

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We received several complaints from customers that they did not get notifications that their orders had shipped. We took a look at our shipping notification emails and found that the IP they were being sent from, via Sendgrid, was blacklisted in several places. 


We contacted support, first by chat, and spent 20 mins trying to explain to them what the issue was. Despite an ardent amount of support for our claim, support simply told us that the issue was with our host and refused to accept that the emails originate from Shipstation and may be a Shipstation issue...I asked for a supervisor, something I have never had to do at SS because support is usually top notch (best in the business), was told they would call me's been almost 24 hours now. 


I emails support with the documentation, and someone finally answered my call...yes I was on hold the whole time I was in chat...they answered and said "what are you looking for from me"...idk...acknowledge the issue and perhaps look for a resolution...long story short, terrible support experience, and no resolution to our issue!


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Hey there, 


Thank you for providing us this type of feedback! It is appreciated very much. 


I checked in to your open support tickets and saw that you are working with an agent that is working to get to the root of the disrupted email notifications that you described. This is absolutely the best call. 


Even with them actively looking into this situation, this feedback is being discussed internally as well. 


From Moderator Davis, May the force be with you!

This has still not been resolved. The sending IP : is on 2 blacklists and is causing issues with deliverability for us.
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