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Prioritize User (Scale/ Printer)

New Contributor

Hi, I am asking that is be possible to get a setting to prioritize which user on the accounts printer/ scale is being used. At this point we are taking a lot of time of we have to refresh or if something is not working having tom find our user name, scrolling down to actually find ours or seeing it is offline and having to resign in to shipstation. It would be great to have this feature in order to able to start shipping faster as well as actually see if it says our scale or printer is offline. This would really help with the efficiency in which shipstaion works as well since the user who is signed in to the account will always be prioritized.



This isn't a perfect solution, but if the menu is searchable via text you can get a programmable keyboard or use macro software to create a key that inputs whichever search values to select the correct user name 100% of the time, nearly instantly. 

Unfortunately on the scan screen there is no way to search the the users on the Print/ Scan drop downs. Thank you for the info I can use this in other aspects of my work on ship station!