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Import orders as split

New Contributor

I would like to suggest a feature where orders can be imported as split rather than combined and having to split them manually.  The new version is cumbersome when splitting orders and very slow.  I have tried clearing cookies and all that stuff and it has not helped.


Occasional Contributor

I need that same function but now the problem is compound with the New Layout vs the previous Legacy layout. Shipstation's changes restricting split is tremendously impacting our businesses while thinking they are helping us.


Agreed - we should be able to select which products "ship alone" so that orders including those products could automatically be added to a split order. To manually split each and every order is incredibly time-consuming and it's a bit frustrating that I've seen this issue on the forums for years with no resolution - in fact, they've made this issue even worse. I just want one label per package to be automated, why is that such a difficult feature to add?