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Magento 2.4.4 Shipstation live rates

New Contributor

I am trying to get live rates on my magento 2.4.4 storefront to enable users to select the shipping that would best suite them. As of right now I have done everything in the documentation to enable this feature but its not showing up in my storefront. I am in single store mode. I have enabled shipstation shipping in the magento admin panel but nothing seems to work. 


Hey there @TSFUSION


If you've followed this knowledge base article's set of instructions for Checkout Rates In Magento, and are still unable to see those rates, please reach out to our support team at or via chat widget so that we can inspect that with you directly to get those rates to you as intended. 

From Moderator Davis, May the force be with you!

In my case the Magento cart is only showing the least expensive method.  When I go into live rates in my ShipStation configuration and click on 'preview', it also says that the only rate that will display is the cheapest because it claims there are other similar options for less.  The issue is that USPS might be the least expensive but the customer needs UPS because they don't have a mailbox... or whatever the reason.  We need all the rates to show up from all the carriers we have configured.  How can we do this?


I have been running Shipstation on Magento 2 in Canada now for a year, but that is something that hasn't worked yet.

@Swappart or @lighthouseleds  have you guys been able to use this feature?


I gave up and started using Calcurates, which is able to show shipping rates on the product page and at checkout, plus many other useful features.

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I have that working, but not without a workaround. The problem I experienced is that ShipStation sends requests to Magento, at least my installation, doesn't have index.php in the URLs. If this is the cause of your problem, you will see 400 errors going to index.php/api/auctane and index.php/V1/auctane/configure in your SSL log. When you configure checkout rates, shipstation sends a POST request to the V1/auctane/configure api. This sets the necessary keys in the database so the ShipStation extension can get the shipping quotes from ShipStation. If those keys are null, it won't work. If you have access to your database, look in the core_config_data table for the following three path entries.


If they are null, that is why your live rates are not working. I fixed this with rewrite rules in my vhosts.conf file to remove index.php from the URL in the request path, and to get orders to import in ShipStation and also marketplace updates, I wrote a script to receive requests from ShipStation outside of Magento, and then use cURL to resend them to the correct URL. I never called ShipStation support, so I have no clue if they could have fixed all of this for me. I think the first thing I would do is contact them, and if you see failed requests to index.php in your SSL log, but you don't have index.php in your URLs, advise them of that. Maybe they can change that and solve all of your problems.