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Missing packing slips in batches


It would be great if ShipStation and ShipConnect had the ability to verify the count of packing slips and postage labels when batching orders.  We can batch any where between 20 to 200 orders at a time and lately we are missing either packing slips or postage labels so that the packing slips and postage labels do not match up.


We had this issue a year or two ago and now go through the trouble of the person printing putting on an excel sheet the number of each batch printed and the sorter then has to verify the number.  Unfortunately, this is a lot of wasted energy and time.


Howdy there @r_hudson


Thank you for posting in the community! We are thrilled to have you with us 🙂 


Missing packing slips is definitely something that we will want to investigate. My recommendation would be to reach out to our support team directly, so that we can troubleshoot with you in your account to record this behavior and, if needed, escalate this for further investigation.


Please reach out either via Chat widget or to our email


Looking forward to making that behavior a worry of the past! 🙂 


From Moderator Davis, May the force be with you!

Thank you for your prompt reply.  Please note we have been ShipStation customers since 2013-2014.  I did reach out for assistance yesterday 1/20/22 via the chat and a phone call.  Unfortunately, neither was able to offer a reason or a resolution other than %localappdate% which has been done on multiple occasions.  Regrettably today it happened again, only this time we were missing the postage labels in the middle of the batch.

I've experienced the exact same issue.  Skipping labels or packing slips has actually threatened our Amazon account due to late shipments.


We have resorted to performing weekly dumps of all labels created, to an excel file, and then we interrogate each tracking number in order to find missing labels.