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Is support closed or off for Good Friday?

New Contributor

I have tried to reach someone in support numerous times today and still haven't gotten a response.  Would anyone here know if they are off or out of the office today?  


Maybe someone here could offer some insight to my issue.  I am trying to renew/change my subscription plan and I get a message that simply says "failed to change billing plan, try again".  I've entered and numerous CCs and have double and triple checked all associated info and still no luck.  Any insight would be greatly appreciated.....


Hello there @RONC


Thanks for posting in the community today! We did have some department wide meetings today, so i do apologize for the troubles you had getting support earlier. 


Checking on the CC numbers and associated info is definitely the place to start. If you have double/triple checked, then the support team may be your best bet so they can check into the backend of the account. 


Be on the lookout for my DM! 🙂 

From Moderator Davis, May the force be with you!

Thanks for the reply and explanation.


Hope to hear from a member of the support team soon.......