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Mobile App Functions Review and Correct existing feature le


04:16:04 PM) Corey R.: Is there anything else I can assist you with in the meantime?
(04:16:11 PM) richard vogt: can i caht one more thing
(04:16:25 PM) Corey R.: Sure thing, how may I help?
(04:16:52 PM) richard vogt: u may not be able to follow but i will tell you
(04:17:07 PM) richard vogt: more and more we use the app and i havve the iphone'
(04:18:10 PM) richard vogt: when the order is imported i cannot edit the recipient address on the app if i need to change it
(04:18:48 PM) richard vogt: i also cannot copy the address while in the order menu if i want to retype it for a new order
(04:19:12 PM) richard vogt: and last if i am in the shipment menu
(04:19:45 PM) richard vogt: and i didnt print the label properly or the printer was out of paper or i simply need to print again
(04:20:38 PM) Corey R.: So from the sound of it if I'm understanding correct, you are seeing issues with the mobile app?
(04:20:40 PM) richard vogt: i will tap on the print again
(04:21:04 PM) richard vogt: and choose either the shipping label or the packing label to reprint
(04:21:18 PM) richard vogt: but no matter what i choose the app always prints the packing label.
(04:21:33 PM) richard vogt: these are 3 of many issues with the app but the biggest ones
(04:21:48 PM) richard vogt: so many of us are on the phone now and not on the pc or desktop
(04:21:48 PM) Corey R.: Are you printing via ShipStation Connect on your device (PC/Mac) while using the Phone App (iPhone/Android)?
Just wanting to note on my end
(04:22:04 PM) richard vogt: i am printing wifi on the phone app
(04:22:25 PM) richard vogt: it works perfectly except the app always prints the packing label
(04:22:40 PM) richard vogt: here is what i suggest imho opinion and i am being very humble
(04:23:42 PM) richard vogt: if some one could re review all the app functions for iphone and i guess chrome phone they will find these bugs and more and pleaes tell the c suite we are more and more on the phone now to use ship station
(04:24:03 PM) richard vogt: and it would be great to have a once over to make the app as good as possible
(04:24:15 PM) Corey R.: I can bring this suggestion to my team for improvements/changes to the app, I would also highly recommend posting within :