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One user on two devices?


Our workflow would benefit from a user being able to be logged into both the computer at the packing/label station, as well as on an iPad as they are picking products. Is this a problem to have one user logged in on two "devices" at the same time? Does it cause any problems or conflicts?


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I haven't had an issue with it except when using shipstation connect. Please update us if you run into any issues though!

I am the "tech guy" but the owner was working at setting up the new shipping operation and the first time he did it he said it complained and logged him out. He then logged in and didn't see anything strange, but asked me to investigate to know for sure if:


A) This was a violation of acceptable use

B) It would cause any problems


Thanks for helping to understand that maybe B is not a concern, unless it logs the user out (as long as they can get back in).




At our company, we have not had any issues logging into two devices with one login, and in fact we also open multiple browser tabs to have different screens available.    I don't believe you violate any acceptable use issues.    One issue to be aware is that not all browsers / tabs will refresh with the latest data, and even the shipstation database takes time to update,  thus what you see is not truly real-time-realtime.   There may be a data delay between screens, devices, and re-freshes.    Something to be aware of. 


That is strange... I did more testing, and when I logged in via the browser on my computer, and then logged into the iPad, the browser was immediately logged out. We will continue to test. I don't know if the answer is to get support involved or just get another user. But it is only ONE user doing the work between the two devices, so it doesn't seem like we should have to pay for another one. But we do want to be compliant with any TOS or AUP provisions.


Just tested it again. On the computer web browser, the logout is instant when I log into the iPad. If I then log in again on the computer, the iPad pops up a message that I have signed in from another location and I need to log in again to continue. It didn't log me out, but it seems evident that I should. If I do, and log in again, the computer is logged out. Rinse, wash, repeat.


On further testing, I did check the box "keep me logged in" (or however it is labelled), and now I don't get the logout issue or any warnings, but for security we really don't want to have the session automatically login. So is there a workaround?