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Order details does not indicate if order has been added to a batch

Frequent Contributor

When I open an order in V3 the 'Add to Batch' button at the top does not indicate when the order has been added to a batch.  In V2 this button would show the batch number, but also allow me to click it to assign a different batch.  In V3 there does not appear to be a great way to determine what batch an order is in, at least from the order details.


Please let me know if I'm missing something, or if this is just another example of V3 being harder to use than V2.


Hey there @david_dean


Thank you for posting about this in the community. 


I can confirm that from the direct order details view, that the current batch is not shown. You can still operate the "add to batch" from the order details directly but to see that current batch you would want to include that "Batch" column in the Orders grid. 


With that in mind, I certainly see the reason for this desire! As soon as I have any updates along this topic I will respond here accordingly! 


From Moderator Davis, May the force be with you!

Great!  I'm looking forward to seeing this feature added to V3 after being present for years in V2!

Frequent Contributor

Anything new on this?  It's been over 2 months.  This seems like a very simple fix.


Honestly, this needs to be handled as a bug and not a feature request. You can't get your users accustomed to a critical feature and then take it away under the guise of an upgrade. You need to understand real users are constantly being distracted from what they are doing. You have an order open and you're trying to set up a batch and the phone rings. "wait a minute, did I add this order to the batch?". The answer is who knows? Close window to find it in the list. Oh, yeah I did.  Productivity backwards.