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Packing Requirements for Insurance Coverage




I'm looking to send a stack of heavy plates half-way across the US.  I was at UPS today and the lady there said that if I bought the label there, they'd need to use a box that gives 2" room on all the sides as well use packing peanuts to fill that space.  If that isn't done, then the insurance claim wouldn't be paid if the plates were damaged in transit.  She told me that it might be different if I buy the UPS labels on ShipStation (and I know it sure as heck is a lot cheaper!).  So, that got me wondering about ShipSurance, too. 


I've tried looking here for packing requirements in order for shipments to be covered but I can't find anything.  If I use a smaller box with only 1" clearance, will that be denied?  If I use the packing paper that I always use instead of peanuts, will that be denied?  I have found all sorts of lists of what I can't ship and other things I cannot do, but this, I have not found.


Does anyone know where I might find this info?