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split orders need to show product values


When orders are split, the product values do not show, so the only way to determine how much insurance coverage to get is to go back into my e-commerce app, search for the order, manually add up the values of the products, then return to ShipStation to configure labels w/ insurance values. This makes an already way too slow process in V3 become a bigger pain and time consumer. Please fix this along with all the other bugs we keep reporting. And allow users to go back to v2 until the app is fully functional and responsive. I absolutely dread creating labels with this new app version.


Frequent Contributor

I've also noticed that if our sales team changes an order in Shopify for any reason, it really messes up the order totals in V3. The new totals don't add up and I'm not sure where V3 is calculating it from. You really need to keep a calculator handy now with these issues to make sure the insurance totals are correct (another V3 time-waster).

I have found the same. If there is a change on the ecommerce side with quantity or pricing (we use BigCommerce), then even after re-syncing, it does not update the order details on SS side. But, hey... just add that as a suggested feature. Maybe they will put it on their roadmap. Ha! 🙄