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Printing Labels from multishipment order in Batch window


Originally posted by Philip Haas


When we are back-ordered on an item, we have been shipping all the items we can from order and adding these orders to a batch in Shipstation. That tells us all these orders need this one back-ordered item.
However, once we are ready to ship this item out to all these batch Shipments, when we go to print the labels, it prints both shipments from each order, rather than just the new shipment that we want to print, which wastes a lot of labels.
There is no way to choose which labels to print in V3.  We would have to manually print each label from the individual order details window.


Hello Phillip,


Thank you for your post and for being a member of our community.


I see that you are looking to find a workflow in v3 for handling partial shipping when you have orders with back ordered items.


My recommendation would be to use our order tags, split shipments and batch shipping features together to accomplish this. While this workflow does include some manual work, it will be the cleanest way for you to handle orders with out of stock items without printing duplicate labels.


It first might be helpful to you to utilize our order tags to help you see all orders with your back-ordered item. I have linked our how-to guide below for a review on how to create and apply order tags.


Order Tags


After you filter your orders in Awaiting Shipment by the order tag, you will need to split shipments of all of the orders with your out of stock item. To learn how to do this, you can review the following article:


 Split Orders into Multiple Shipments


After this point, it would be completely up to you how to process the orders, but the separate shipments will now have their own lines in the order grid and can be processed and printed separately without duplication.


Please let us know if this helps you out or if you need some further information.


-Erin: Your Friendly ShipStation Community Manager