Originally posted by Kevin Gunter 


On Orders: Awaiting Shipment page, any of the operations in the Print dropdown should print in the current sort order of that page. For example, when selecting all orders, the labels get printed in the same order as the orders are sorted on the current page. However, the items in the print menu (e.g. Packing Lists) are not printed in that order. I suspect those are always printed in the order they appear in the backend database. Since you can apply ordering when printing labels, you should apply ordering when printing any other printable list.


The reason this is important is that we lay out all of our packing slips, preferably sorted in SKU order, place the item on the slip, then match the label with the order. If the order of the packing slips does not match the order of the labels, then we have to do a bunch of searching and matching (which can take considerable time).