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Processed Batch screen shows as Open Batch screen

Frequent Contributor

Last week, out of nowhere, every Processed Batch screen started looking like Open Batches look (see pic). I've reached out to Support, and sure enough, it looked that way to her as well. It's now "been escalated to our product team for resolution," but it's killing my workflow. I need to both print and export orders from this page, but I can't do either. (The Print that you see doesn't have "labels" and Export doesn't have my mapped fields. Both of these buttons operate just like they do with open batches).


This is a crazy thing for a webpage to be replaced with another webpage out of the blue, and I'm just wondering if anyone else has had this happen.


processed batches.png


Frequent Contributor

btw, IF this happens to you (or is currently happening), the workaround is as follows: Shipments > Advanced Search (under the search bar) > Batch #, enter the name of the batch you are looking for. From there you will be able to print labels, export according to mapped fields, etc.