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Product Images Not Working

New Contributor

Good morning,

Simple problem that is destroying my brain.

In searching the communities, it seems like others have had challenges. I have tried other suggestions that people have made in those posts with no luck.

Here's what I want to do.

I created a product for a manual store. Everything is a manual import and there are no external connections. I have tried hosting the image on GDrive as well as ImgBB (recommended by a mod). When I look at an order status, it never displays the product image - just the grey box.

I have tried both jpg and png and different image sizes - all same result.

Some say it's an https vs http issue, however almost every service defaults to https (even if you can the Shipstation URL to just http).

I am just entering the URL directly for the image hosting into the product screen (as shown in SS docs).

What am I missing / doing wrong?



Having the exact same problem when trying to add orders though api.  Even manually entering in a link to the product picture in the dashboard doesn't work just a grayed out picture box.  Are the pictures supposed to be a certain size and aspect ratio to work? Tried lots of different types of files jpg png gif and different sizes 120 256 1920 all don't work.  How do I get this working???  There doesn't seem to be any documentation that I can find on how to get the pictures to work.

Occasional Contributor

Did you get an answer?  I am having issues with sites like Google.  I think it is a security issue. seems to work.

New Contributor

Getting the same issue when using Imgur. If you check the box "apply changes to open orders" it works -- however this is not sustainable as you would have to manually do this for every product in your orders every time you add new orders. There has to be a better fix that gets these images to appear automatically.