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Purchases no longer showing up as "postage"

New Contributor

I've been using Shipstation for years and use a credit card to earn points etc. These purchases have always come through as postage or shipping as far as the cc was concerned. There's a way it's coded on the backend for this purpose. 

But as of the new year, these have been coming through as "other". Per Shipstation chat, changed the way the purchases show up on a cc to reflect it's a purchase via Shipstation vs directly at Cool. But they also (inadvertently?) changed the type of transaction it is. 

Just curious if anyone else has noticed this on your cc statements. Thanks!


Occasional Contributor

yes! same here lets get this changed!


Anyone hear anything about this since posting?

Hey everyone! 


I've checked in with my team and found that purchases are categorized by the card company. Due to this, the categorization would likely need to be adjusted directly with the card company. 


I hope this helps 🙂 

From Moderator Davis, May the force be with you!