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ShipStation letting Users know when there is an issue


Wouldn't it be great if ShipStation would send out a mass email letting it's users know when there is an issue?


I find it very annoying to wait for a chat (although when I am 48th in line it does give me a clue) to then be told:

but since this is affecting other users as well, it should be fixed as soon as possible no worries at all !

It would be more than helpful to be informed.


ShipStation should be able to handle a mass email informing all users of an issue.



Exactly what's going on!!! Couldn't login 


Don’t bother waiting. They just close the conversation if you don’t pop in to say you are still there every five minutes. 

Thomas Romer

New Contributor

Yes! As far as I am concerned this is a BIG issue shipstation needs to fix! What a waste of our time! If they know there is a mass issue communicate that to your users! 

New Contributor

Tip for ShipStation dev team:

Save yourself TONS of support chats and frustrated customers kept in the dark: Implement a status page.


All the cool SaaS kids are doing it. Examples are: 


Don't write it yourself, and don't try to host it on your own hosting account because when your system goes down so does your status page. Customers (like us) can even sign up to get automated email alerts when your system is down. This is the way.

Howdy @rocinante


We absolutely do have a status page 🙂 You can find that here.


I hope this helps!

From Moderator Davis, May the force be with you!