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Shipment and delivery emails suddenly stopped sending.

New Contributor


   About two weeks ago my shipment and delivery emails suddenly stopped sending even though nothing has been changed in my store settings. 

   I have it set up to send an email when the package hits the mail stream (I use UPS and FedEx which support this feature.)

   I also have an email that I BCC so that I know the emails have been sent and can follow up if I need to. 

   This was all working properly and then suddenly stopped for no reason. I've reached out to ShipStation support but all they do is link useless help articles and don't really give any information on how something can just stop working even though no settings have been changed.

   Has anyone else ever experienced this and if so, what did you do to remedy the issue?

Thank you!


New Contributor

I have the same problem, except I can send them to my gmail account (not our primary domain).