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Shipstation Connect quirks


Hi there,

Using Shipstation Connect on MacOS (on an M1 Macbook Air) has been proving quite problematic in a few ways:


We have 2 user accounts on MacOS and Shipstation. When Shipstation Connect has been downloaded in another MacOS account, it is unavailable in mine. I have Admin credentials, but it says "You do not have permission to open the application... contact your computer administrator". My workaround to this is to download a second app and name it Shipstation Connect 2, which I can use in my account. But I should not have to do this.


When Shipstation Connect is quit, it remains as a process in the background, and cannot be opened again, without first force quitting the app in Activity Monitor.


The purpose of multiple logins is security. So one user should not be able to log into Shipstation Connect as another user, and we don't want multiple instances of it running in different OS accounts. I find it hard to fathom how this is supposed to work in a secure way. All I can do is use a hacky workaround to make it work at all.


The Dymo M10 USB scales what we have connect properly, but are wildly unreliable, as they usually don't read at all when needed. I can usually revive them by going into the setup, and forcing a reeading from there. But this makes the feature unusable as it is simply quicker to get readings manually, especially as our other scales actually stay on for more than 3 minutes at a time.


So my question is... Is anyone manging to use Shipstation Connect effectively on a Mac, using multiple MacOS user accounts and scales? Would a PC work better? It looks as if the PC version is still tied to user accounts rather than operating as a Windows service. I lke the M1 Macbook as it is super fast on repetitive tasks but I'm open to better approaches.


New Contributor

Were you able to find a solution?  I have the same issue - this is IMO a necessary feature for any company with multiple employees. 


No. It's still really buggy. And this page just lost all my previous reply when I tried to submit.