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Tracking Email to Certain Customers

Occasional Contributor

We sell both wholesale and retail customers.


We need to send emails to our retail customers, but not to our wholesale customers, since most of the email contacts are a central corporate email. We do not want to send them a tracking notification.


An automation result of not emailing tracking number would benefit us greatly, as there is no way to consistently filter our emails at this time.   



Create order tags for wholesale + retail

Create 2 email templates

Send respective emails to the tagged orders

Occasional Contributor

I understand that we can send certain templates to both customer types, but we want to not send an email to the corporate email addresses. We get bounce backs and are told they are only for incoming orders. Is there a "template" that sends nothing? Thanks

Occasional Contributor

For example, we have bulk store orders that get sent to hundreds of locations around the US. We can't send hundreds of tracking emails to the central corporate email that is on file for that customer.  

Hello there @ChrisCross,


I think @teamLA is really on to a good solution here! Thanks for jumping in and helping out your fellow community members, it is greatly appreciated.


Since there is not a "don't send email" template in the automation rules section, you would actually do this filtering but in the other direction. 


Firstly, you would want to set that "do not send email" as the default for that store. After that, you could have those corporate/wholesale orders tagged upon import. Then utilizing that tag as a filter and create a rule that would dictate if the "corporate/wholesale" tag is NOT present, to then apply whichever shipment/delivery notification template you wanted to use. The result here would be that all orders would default to no email being sent, and if that tag is not on the order, it would then have a template applied. 


I know this may not be a "perfect" solution, but could be a possibility for your workflow. 


I hope this helps! 🙂 

From Moderator Davis, May the force be with you!