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Tracking or Scanning for First Clase Mail Envelopes.


Hi, I can't seem to find it any where on here, but I know USPS does not offer tracking for First Class Envelopes, but I was wondering if there is a "scan bar" that they scan at destinations.  For instance I currently use Orange Mailer that scans my first class envelopes once it reaches the last destination Post office before it's final destination. This way, in the case that my customer has not received their order, even though I can't track it for them I can tell them where it was last scanned.  This has been the only proof I've had to show that it has been mailed.  I sell mostly decals on Etsy so  paying for Priority to get the free tracking is not cost effective for most of my items.  I can't seem to find another service that offers this, but I can't hook my Etsy account to Orange Mailer and have to individually type in each address, which poses a problem if I make a mistake.  Any advice would be appreciated.  Thanks!





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From what I can find, adding delivery confirmation is the only way to add tracking to your first class service shipments. But,  you cannot add a delivery confirmation to First Class Letters or First Class Large Envelope/flats. That combination of service and package type won't allow it.


If you want tracking, you have to use a service and package combination that USPS allows it with. Thick envelope is likely the closest to what you are actually shipping that will allow you to add the Delivery confirmation option to the shipment. Try setting your service to USPS First Class and the package type in ShipStation to Thick Envelope. Set the Confirmation drop-down to Delivery. You should be able to make the label successfully then.




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So ebay has a service like this and the envelopes print exactly the same.  Wondering why it won't work on SS?

Here is the tracking from the ebay label. 


eBay Delivery Services tracking #ESUS53955046

Weird, the ebay label doesn't track on USPS, but someone tracked during its route