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UPS - Do not allow rerouting of shipments?

Occasional Contributor

We have had a number of fraudulent orders go through where the recipient will use a fake address, and then call UPS to have the shipment redirected to a UPS pickup facility where they show a fake ID and pick up the shipment.  We recently lost $6,000 on one of these scams (after telling UPS not to release the shipment, which they agreed to do and then released it anyway.  Sigh).

The UPS online shipping website allows this option (but it's not in ShipStation):

"Deliver only to the receiver's address (+$)
Do not reroute for customer pickup at a UPS location."

Has anyone found a way to automate this or somehow perform it in Shipstation?  Support doesn't seem to think it's possible.



Still a very real problem.  Shipstation needs to implement a Deliver only to the receiver's address (+$) service.
4 times now, even after contacting UPS about the issue, someone is contacting them to change the ship to address. They claim it is a Shipstation issue since you can restrict changes if you use UPS software.