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UPS-International shipping


It would be very helpful if we were able to print customs forms prior to purchasing a label. We recently had an experience where we tried to print a label for an international shipment, but something kept going wrong and we were getting a general error. We ended up having to take the packages to a store to pay for shipping and had to hand complete customs forms for the shipment. It would also be nice if we could use our customers shipping account at their request. 


Occasional Contributor

Hey, I think part of the reason you can't print the customs forms, is because the form prints the tracking information. In our case, this is electronically submitted to UPS (so no custom forms need to be printed/attached to the package), so it can only happen when the label is created. But it would be nice if we could print a draft, that's for sure.

As for the using customer's shipping account, we have been able to do that for years. You just have to fill in all the shipping/carrier info. Then it will enabled "other shipment options" below, and you can choose third party or receipient.