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Weight not properly importing from shopify

Occasional Contributor

Anyone else having issues with product weights not importing from Shopify? For example products that weigh 2 ounces are importing as 3lbs 9 ounces. Heavier items (still under a pound) are importing over 20lbs. Shipstation support could not figure it out, curious if any of you are seeing a similar issue? Started about 3 days ago for us


New Contributor

We have seen the same thing since late last week. It doesn't happen for every product, but I can't see a pattern of what might be causing it.

Howdy @info480 and @judd


I know this is something my team is actively looking into! You can absolutely send us an email at to be added to the update list for when the resolution goes live! 


Additionally, I will certainly update this post directly when I hear of that resolution as well 🙂 

From Moderator Davis, May the force be with you!

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Any ETA on a fix? Its super inconvenient to have to manually adjust every order



The imports are wrong, but i think the more important part is to find out why they are wrong.

It feels really random because it doesn't happen for every order or for every store. 😞

My guess at this moment in time is the decimal system is not estimating or converting the weights from LB to OZ correctly if the decimal places exist. So, If you try to type in ".07" in the WEIGHT section of any order you get nothing. It can't exist. I can't even type in the Zero. Why? Why does the basic number setting of weight not accept decimals? It used to.

Having to cross check every order when you have hundreds of orders that come in everyday is major losses to productivity, money to fix problems that were otherwise working, and just a huge disappointment to have to deal with this when it doesn't seem like it's our fault that its happening.

We noticed it started happening after the shopify import update, but that doesn't mean that it's been all fine and dandy. Most of our issues with shipstation happened during the sloppy, rushed, push of V3 with no option to use the better more worn and used other UI. For the most part we've figured out all the working avenues of v3. The weight thing we can't ignore though as it is very time consuming.


Atwood Rope

Occasional Contributor

Any updates? Kind of ridiculous something this major hasnt been resolved in 2 weeks

Hey there @info480


I know that my team is very actively investigating this shopify weights issue. If anyone that is still seeing this behavior hasn't reported their instance to our support team yet, I would highly recommend it so that you'll be added to the investigation notifications. 


While I don't have an ETA right now, I know this is a big priority for the team to resolve. 


Your patience is greatly appreciated!

From Moderator Davis, May the force be with you!

Hello all, 


I know this is a priority for our team right now, and a resolution is in progress. At this time, I don't have a precise ETA. 


When I hear more, I will surely update this thread. 


Additionally, you can send us an email at stating the shopify issue you're having and be added to the update list when the resolution goes live. 

From Moderator Davis, May the force be with you!

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We are also experiencing this same issue.  We are spending hours correcting every order that imports from Shopify.  Can you please provide an update and include me?


We are also experiencing this issue and it is extremely frustrating!

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Just want to let you all know taht we are having thissue as well. Began in mid January and still occurring a month later. This will soon be a deal breaker. The most convenient shipping/inventory app just became a 3 hour a day nightmare

New Contributor

This is something that started happening to our ship station account a few weeks ago. Ship Station support couldn't help. Does anyone know of a fix?



Hi @KBrownTal


Thanks for reaching out and being a part of our community. We are so happy to have you here with us. 


I was able to take a look at your recent support ticket, and issue directly. It looks like all we need to move forward with assisting you in this matter, is an order example of this behavior that is currently not in the shipped status.  If you are able to dm me one or more example of this behavior in an unshipped state, I can help get you further assistance. 


-Erin: Your Friendly Neighborhood ShipStation Community Manager 



Was there any resolution on this issue that can be shared?  Ive been dealing with the same issue for a few months.

Occasional Contributor

no, we had to implement a work around by changing all the presets to update the correct weights when they get imported with the decimals. Shipstation has been a nightmare lately and we are looking into a new software provider as of today since we are now having import issues again. Any changes made in shopify or gorgias take 30-60 minutes to update. Its a nightmare for CS and our warehouse.