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remove USPS shipping services from shipstation

Occasional Contributor

I was trying to figure out a way to get rid of USPS options as we don't use this and it bogs up our drop downs with 20 or so extra options that are irrelevant to our operations. Our enabler told us that we have to set up a account and apply it to our shipstation account in order to make these services available to remove. I dont want to create a account, because they make you provide credit card info, and I dont want to do that until I know I'll use it. anyone out there have this same issue and find an alternate workaround? 



Click the Gear.

Click Carriers.

Look for in the Carrier column

Click Services, to the right

Uncheck what you don't need

Occasional Contributor

I appreciate the response, Dirk, however those options only exist if you have linked a account. We do not have a account and would like to avoid setting one up until we need one.


Occasional Contributor

ShipStation comes with a free account. You'll only be prompted for billing info when you create your first label. You should already be able to disable the services you don't need.