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Our company Labels every single box that goes out the door no matter if it's with an unsupported carrier, local carrier, or free in-house customer pickup/Inventory. The labels include important information for our B2B company such as PO numbers, Starting and Ending Numbers, Custom Order Numbers Etc. Seeing that Shipstation will be integrated into our Order Entry System to supply notifications, Status and Billing Info we would also need the ability to enter the cost that should be provided to billing if at all possible for Courier and LTL shipments.

More info on the ability to manually enter a cost. 
Would save time internally by leveraging the integration
LTL cost would come from another shipment scheduling program we have in-house (Eshipping)
Courier Cost is usually quoted at the time of pickup and could be entered manually.

Otherwise, we would desperately need a method to print labels with a service that is no cost and can be adjusted in billing at a later time for Pickup, LTL, Courier, and Inventory Orders. What are current User's utilizing for these cases?

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I have an issue with local pickup orders that are not included in any of the reports! Technically the status of such orders is "Shipped" but they are not in the shipment reports as they don't have tracking numbers. Customer support hasn't had any clue about any of this and after trying multiple reports, just gave up. 

One way of fixing it would have been a custom carriers like you suggested for Pickup.