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Hi Shipstation

Please can you consider adding Royal Mail Click and Drop accounts as well as Royal Mail OBA accounts to your platform. 

Royal Mail OBA pricing for small business like mine is not very competitive because I "only ship about 3000 - 4000 parcels a year'' says a Royal Mail OBA rep, but actually that's quite a lot for a 2 - 3 person team/small business. 

Royal Mail Click and Drop accounts offer more competitive pricing/cheaper rates for smaller guys like us. Please add them to your carriers it would give small and independent businesses like ours so much more flexibility and make lives easier. 

We enjoy using our Shipstation account because on busy days we can easily manage our orders with minimal fuss and when a courier/carrier is experiencing difficulties in delivering parcels it gives us the flexibility to use another carrier which means our customers are not disappointed, this is just a brief reason as to why we love Shipstation, we would love it even more if you integrated Click and Drop though. Please consider !

Thank you ❤️ 


Hey there @cartersshop


Thanks for posting! I definitely see why this would be a desirable addition to the Royal Mail integration. 


Our team will absolutely review carrier requests of this nature. Other community members can vote on this as well to show a similar interest. 


Happy shipping! 🙂 

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@Moderator-Davis Will you be integtrating this do you think? 

Hey @cartersshop


I haven't heard any updates coming to the Royal Mail integration of this nature, but if I do i'll absolutely update this thread 🙂 

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I would also like to see this integration happen.

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From a previous thread on this

I think people might not realise the backwards way Royal Mail seems to work with creating accounts other than click and drop (that the pricing is more than over-the-counter pricing unless you ship in the x thousands)


Probably like a few others on here. I currently sell in the UK and have a click & drop account. As most of my items are "small parcels" they tend to go Evri or RM.


There is however a massive opportunity for Shipstation (revenue) to capitalise on a really daft flaw in the RM system.

  • As a small seller, you sign up for a Click & Drop account (these can't be integrated with shipstation)
  • You sell more & realise what a time saver shipstation is
  • You apply for an OBA from Royal Mail (you need to send minimum 1000 parcels a year)
  • You then receive a quote from RM and see that as a business they charge you more than you pay click & drop (unless you are sending 10's of thousands of items)

It would be great much like the UPS that has been added to get RM via shipstation. I appreciate that the way RM works there may be a fair amount of added complexity as they work on average weights rather than banded weights or volumetric weights per shipment such as other providers.

On a very basic level I think a simple integration of the following service on 2kg and under could be a great addition (I'm sure from all the data you could see how many UK sellers are posting what sized items etc)
Royal Mail 24
Royal Mail 48




I'd add my vote to this request. I have both OBA and Click & Drop accounts and much prefer to use Click & Drop due to its simplicity and pricing. It's a deal breaker for me as I'm trialling ShipStation for use with a client who has requested it, but won't be happy to pay more than he is for postage. Additionally the workflow for me is duplicated currently as I have orders using Click & Drop and orders in ShipStation which each require manifest paperwork.

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It must be an option for an aggregator like Shipstation to open with Royal Mail. As I'm pretty sure you can buy Royal Mail labels direct from Etsy, eBay etc

I agree it's a bit of a major minus for Shipstation UK as in many cases such as Christmas, Highlands & Islands and Northern Ireland Royal Mail is better/ more economical.

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There are two types of online Click & Drop accounts, business and personal. The rates for the personal accounts are cheaper than business and currently the same as buying Royal Mail services through Etsy.

So the ablity to buy directly through Shipstation would save a mountain of time.


any further forwards with click and drop integration?