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Status: Investigating
We are adding UPS's new shipping program called Simple Rate, we need this added to ShipStation.
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You have Post Office flat rate added. You have FedEx flat rate added. How hard is it to add UPS flat rate? Make it work if you want to keep your customers.
Status changed to: Investigating
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It is has been more than 3 years since this request was first made and we are still waiting for an update from "in consideration."  Well maybe not all - not having this function is becoming an issue.


Yes! Please add simple rate. This would make my life soooo much easier!

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Yes please!


Any update? You have Fedex One Rate, what's the issue with UPS Simple Rate? Most ecommerce shippers prefer UPS over FedEx. Hoping to get some traction.

Hey there! 


Currently no updates regarding UPS Simple Rate. However, as soon as I hear more, I will be sure to post here so that we are staying on the same page 🙂 

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lol, has it as well as most of your other competitors. Do you need me to come to the office and log into your servers and enable it? Heck, I have no experience with IT and programming, but I'm sure any of us community members could figure it out faster than SHIPSTATION. How many people use Shipstation?... A crap load and you all can't even add a feature that the other crappy shipping services have.... that we have been requesting for over 3 or 4 years this is ridiculous... All it takes is to negotiate with UPS, get an agreement, and turn it on.  

I've been a Shipstation user since 2016, I'm probably going to cancel my subscription... Because using UPS Simple Rate is saving me on average 20-40% on shipping with other shipping SaaS companies like  


Come on ShipStation. This is absolute nonsense. @SuperMgr-Sarah , @Manager-Erin
What is the workaround? Use We are a 21 year young online retailer shipping 2,000 packages month that just moved to SS because it was supposed to be so much better. Day 1, today, my shipping manager asks me "Where is the Simple Rate option?" Come on @shipstation