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Status: Investigating
We are adding UPS's new shipping program called Simple Rate, we need this added to ShipStation.
First-timer (legacy)
Please add UPS Simple Rate to Shipstation. The feature works well with our products and I hate having to process through UPS to use it.
New Contributor
Please add Simple Rate. We like ShipStation as an all in one shipping program and will need to find an alternative if you cannot support this.
First-timer (legacy)
I love you guys, but I'll cancel without this. We use it too often.
First-timer (legacy)
Please add simple rates
First-timer (legacy)
This idea was shared two years ago!! Why has it not been added?
First-timer (legacy)
its now half way through 2020 and I dont understand why this isnt added, but FedEx One Rate is...
I have UPS Simple Rates working on ShipStation. UPS tech support and my account manager were very helpful getting this set up - I previously opened a ticket with ShipStation but they didn't know how to do it. You'll need to contact your UPS account manager and create a separate UPS account for Simple Rates (I'm told that the Simple Rates account isn't able to get the discounts for shipping non-simple rate shipments). Once you have the second account configure it in ShipStation as a second UPS account and be sure to enable Negotiated Rates. Leave your original UPS account as the primary UPS shipping account. Now when you want to ship a package with Simple Rate open the order in ShipStation and under "Other Shipping Options" select the UPS Simple Rate Account - you'll then see the simple rate prices for shipping that package.
First-timer (legacy)
When will it be done?
First-timer (legacy)
Please get this added for all your customers.
First-timer (legacy)
I would really like to see this added. For some of our packages, this program makes a lot of sense, and I really do not want to have to start shipping packages through multiple software solutions.