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I would like to setup daily UPS Pickups, or schedule them in advance instead of manually each time.
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I have a UPS account, but if I ship with Shipstation my UPS acct does not get credited for the shipment, so even though I ship 20 packages per week with shipstation, I pay the highest UPS pick-up rate (the same as if I did not ship anything with UPS).  Really need a solution here!!!

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Has the daily UPS pick-up been fixed?


Just started using UPS by Shipstation and was told Shipstation would set up the daily pick-up for me, well it has been a week and I can't even get my help ticket to set up daily pickup replied to.


What I was told:

"We'd actually set up daily pick-ups for you! We would just need some information from you, however, the fee is a flat $10.65 charged once a week on Saturdays. And pick-ups would be Mon-Fri."


Just want it set up



Hey there @ed1


I'm glad to see that you've already sent in the ticket to get this taken care of, thats absolutely the right step! I'm very confident that you will hear back soon to get that setup! 🙂 


Happy shipping! 


Would love to know what the end result of this situation is.  I just got told by a chat agent that shipstation cannot help with this.  How'd it play out with you ed1??

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How is this still not a thing? I need to schedule a pickup for the next day, however it won't let me schedule a pickup unless there are labels generated. We should be able to schedule a daily pickup with discounted pickup rates rather than the $30/week charges for scheduling directly through UPS.