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I have a feature request for customizing our ShipStation packing slips.  Many of our eBay and Amazon orders have a coupon / discount that the customer has redeemed, which is a deduction from the total order amount.  Our current custom packing slip template shows the Subtotal, Tax, Shipping, and Total Paid.  When there's a coupon or other discount involved, the sum of Subtotal, Tax and Shipping is greater than Total Paid, with the difference being the Coupon / Discount amount.  It's very difficult for the customer to see on the packing slip that they received their coupon / discount without there being a separate line item for that deduction.


All of our orders are imported from ChannelAdvisor, where this coupon / discount amount is shown as "Promotional Total" in the order item details.  According to ShipStation Support, there is currently not an attribute field that can be mapped to this "Promotion Total", so I am requesting that a new attribute field be created that can store the Coupon or Discount amount at the order level, and can also be added as a field in our custom packing slip template.


Another option would be to allow more than 3 Custom Fields (since we're already using all 3 available custom fields), and then provide the ability for a Custom Field to contain a calculated value based on other attributes that already exist.  

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