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Integrating between ship station and Hubspot through Zapier.

We have serial numbers going into the "Internal Notes" when pack and send dispatches the order, including this field in the trigger would be very useful.

The four that I require are already a part of the API, but are not called in the Zapier Trigger:

 - Internal Notes

 - Items Shipped

 - Item Quantities

 - Shipment Value


I contacted support and was directed here to make this request. Any help is much appreciated, thank you.

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Could you clarify a little what you are asking. Are you asking that these fields get included when a zap is triggered by one of the existing triggers? Or are you asking that new triggers be created for Zapier?


If the former, we can definitely look into this possibility. If the latter, at this time only creating a new order, importing an order, and creating a label can be used as triggers (this is a platform limitation, not a zapier-specific limitation). 


Let us know which you mean and we can follow up. Thanks!

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Hello @SuperMgr-Sarah!
Thank you very much for your reply, more clarification I can certainly do.


I would like the mentioned fields to be included into the call to ShipStation when a zap is triggered by one of the existing triggers, namely the "Order Shipped" trigger which should be able to give me everything I need in the one zap.


Thanks again!



I would love to suggest that the Custom Fields also be made available on the Order Shipped event

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Adding on to this, it would be very beneficial if when an order is shipped the trigger can contain all the same information as when a new order is placed.

For example:

Otherwise, if you want to keep a log of shipments on Google Sheet, you need to create two zaps.