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A huge part of showing live rates to customers is for them to be able to see, in a transparent way how much shipping costs, especially compared to our free shipping tiers. 


By default, shipstation seems to have opted to show only the cheapest rate to customers using because "similar options are available".


So, first of all, UPS Next Day Air is not a "similar option" to USPS. 


Second of all, it is not up to *shipstation* to decide what our customer wants, it is up to our customer. Some people prefer UPS because they live in a rural area, some people need priority mail. Showing only one rate because someone at shipstation decided that is the only way it can be is not good for us our or customers. What is strangest about this is that it seems like someone worked to implement this and not give the option to turn it off. 


Please allow us, the business owners to decide whether the true decision maker, the customer gets to decide what they prefer for live shipping rates.

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I agree with this, there should be a way to turn it off so all rates show.