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ShipStation doesn't have 2 factor authentication and this could be achieved with a simple 'Login with Google' option. This would make Shipstation a lot more secure.
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I'm surprised that with ShipStation being one of the leaders in their industry, they have not implemented 2 Factor Authentication ( 2FA ). They could also solve this problem by allowing 'Login with Google' because Google uses 2 Factor Authentication. Who else wishes they had 2 Factor Authentication?
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Yes, either 2FA or a google login option would help secure this a LOT.
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'+1 here, though we’re in the MS ecosystem. Ideal would be integration with generic SSO providers like Google, Azure AD, Duo, Okta etc. We are EU-based so we try to cover repositories of customer info to reduce risk of a data protection incident. Shipstation is a weak point at the moment.
DO NOT require 2-factor authentication! Businesses with multiple people using ShipStation will get logged out in the middle of the day and be unable to sign back in until they find the person who has the magic phone. There are better ways to ensure security.
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'+1. I would love to have 2FA available in Ship Station. I've been turning it on with all of the software we use in our company. Google Authenticator, Authy, and 1Password are great ways to get the codes. Security is becoming more and more important for us.
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'@Shipstation - Why has no one commented on this, or given any kind of update? This is a critical security practice!
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Hey Shipstation- The fact that YOU DO NOT offer 2factor makes your app and customers extremely vulnerable. In light of the onslaught of current data breaches in the news, I hope that you make this a priority!
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Please implement SSO and 2FA.  Even small businesses don't want to mess with managing additional usernames and passwords.  These aren't premium features, they are necessary features and straightforward to implement.


Hello @sales123!


Thank you for the post! Agreed! We are developing these features right now, starting with logging into Shipstation with your Google credentials (SSO). Please stay tuned, but we expect them to be available this quarter.


We appreciate your patience, and we look forward to more great ideas!