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1 - It would be great if when I update a Ship to Address on Shopify it was updated on Shipstation when I refresh Shipstation's feed. This would prevent the shipping department from making mistakes, and avoid having to have fulfillment comunicate with shipping.

2 - When a NEW item gets added to an order on Shopify, it would be gerat if it could be reflected on Shipstation. Currently only quantity changes to existing items are, meaning if a customer added an item, when they receive the shipped notification email form Shipstation, it won't reflect the fact that the new item was added, confusing the customer and creating a bad experience.

Pretty much ANY updates done on Shopify should be reflected on Shipstation so that customers and shipping department receive up to date information from Shipstation.

Occasional Contributor

I posted something similar to this and even provided a solution via Shopify's Graphql – but I don't think their developer team actually looks at these.


We have new items added to orders, like if a customer forgot to add it to their cart, and it appears in shipstation!

We use Shopify. 

The only issue we come across, is having to inform our shipping team to refresh the page, and check to see if they already printed the packing slip. If they did, we reprint with the added item!