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Show multiple carrier rates in Shopify

I was thrilled to find that ShipStation can pass rates through to my new Shopify store (migrating from BigCommerce). Flawless setup. Simple. Smooth. Powerful . . .


Until I found that ShipStation chooses the "best" option and only shows one option.


This was an absolute game-changer and we cannot use this integration at all after finding this. What looked to be perfect had a truly fatal flaw.


See, we NEED to show multiple options. For example:


  • Sometimes people need to use FedEx, because USPS isn't reliable in their area. (USPS will be cheaper and will be the only option shown.)

  • International customers will choose a much more expensive FedEx option over the impossibly-slow and unreliable USPS at least 80% of the time. (USPS will be much cheaper and will be the only option shown.)

  • FedEx and DHL are very similarly priced, but our customers want options(Either could win out on any order but only one will be shown.)


So this integration will not work at all. Unfortunately, we went from the mountaintop to the valley today thinking that ShipStation would be a fantastic solution to realizing that is is completely unusable. 😢


Surely I cannot be the only person out there with customers who want (need) OPTIONS, not just the cheapest method.