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Currently, Shipstation doesn't support Shopify subscription order handling for prepaid subscriptions. When a customer orders a prepaid subscription, Shopify treats it as one order, and updates that order every month to add a new item to be shipped. There's also an order queue.


When the order is fulfilled through Shipstation, it never comes back when a new item is added and Shopify changes from "fulfilled" to "unfulfilled". In one of the screenshots below, you can see the status is unfulfilled after three months of recurring orders (only one month fulfilled), with another 9 months planned out. But in the Shipstation window, it comes in as qty 12 (which is not the case).




Screen Shot 2022-02-15 at 4.03.21 PM.png

Occasional Contributor

I'm bumping this up. Subscriptions are an important feature of Shopify, and we're rather disappointed that Shipstation has yet to provide a solution to this problem.

New Contributor

Bumping this again.  It's an important issue we are having trouble solving. 

Approximately 1 year ago, Shopify introduced a feature, where orders can have multiple fulfillments in Shopify. This is how the prepaid subscriptions have to be handled in Shopify. You can read about this here:
This means that it would be great if Shipstation would be able to adapt to this new Shopify's fulfillment system, where one order can have multiple fulfillments. This would really set up Shipstation to be fully compatible with Shopify's platform