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Many times over the last few years I’ve written in to ShipStation support to report a bug, or ask questions about important features that seem to be missing from the app, especially with regards to Shopify or carrier integrations.  Every time they politely thank me for my ideas/suggestions and point me towards this forum so that I may write it all up again for the community to upvote the ideas.  


I’m guessing many of you are like me.  You are a small business owner with a couple or zero employees, struggling to manage the operations of your business and keep it afloat during this pandemic.  Maybe you have a family, or multiple jobs you are juggling as well.  There are barely enough hours in the day to manage all that stuff, let alone find time to lurk on an internet forum.  


So here’s my feature request: 


ShipStation should create an improved internal process that allows support staff to capture feature requests when they are mentioned by users in support emails or chats.  This would lead to a more accurate accounting of features requested by the totality of users, and not just the small percentage that happen to visit these forums.