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Occasional Contributor
Status: New

Would like to see the check our rates option available for Shift4 Stores.


Hey there @ed1


From what I can find on my end, it looks like checkout rates are not yet available. But your desire to have this feature on the Shift4 integration is great to know! 


If I hear anything to the contrary, i'll come back here to update you accordingly 🙂

Occasional Contributor

Yes - I would like to have this as well!

New Contributor

yes - i also would like to display real time rates for this cart solution. i have tried the other 4 that ShipStation is currently integrated with for displaying live rates but to be honest, those 4 carts do not hold a candle to the robustness of Shirt4's SaaS system. 

Occasional Contributor

I agree completely. Sadly, without enough votes, SS is unlikely to implement.
I have been requesting this on and off for a couple of years now.

Same response - post request.

Maybe ithers will up-vote this and something will happen.