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Amazon Shipping/Seller Central Wonky

New Contributor

Amazon Seller Central has gone wonky on me and won't let me buy shipping.  Since I gotta still ship, I'm using Shipstation this morning.  BUT I see one order already not updating over to Amazon with the correct tracking.


This is going to S T I N K....




Hello there @DoilyBoutique


Thank you for posting about this in the community. 


In order to better assist, our other users would need to hear about some of the specific behavior that you are referring to with "wonky". Perhaps another Amazon seller has experienced what you are seeing and can help out!


Anything to show the behavior you are seeing would be terrific, just please refrain from anything with someone's personal information on there of course 🙂 


Thanks in advance! 

From Moderator Davis, May the force be with you!

New Contributor

I'm getting error messages all over when I try to buy shipping.


Whether it's bulk shipping or one at a time, it's not working.


BUT it does look like ShipStation is able to update Amazon because the Shipstation cart is green.


I can't even confirm over at Amazon's Seller Central.