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Why does it say "Due to my account status" I can't print or purchase shipping labels

New Contributor

I am trying to ship my first orders, but it is not letting me print or purchase shipping labels. I am wondering why this is, and can't find a way to contact customer support. 

Thank you to anyone with some help. 





Thanks for being a part of the ShipStation Community!


Typically, this message will have to do with completing the set up for your ShipStation Carrier Services account (this is what gives you access to USPS and UPS labels without having to connect your own or UPS accounts). To complete your account setup you would just need to enter your credit card details into the settings. Our ShipStation Carrier Services help article provides a step by step guide!


Go to Settings > Shipping > Carriers and click the "Setup" button and enter the CC details for the card you want to use for label purchases.


If you have already done that but are still getting the error, it could be that the account was flagged for some reason and we'd want our support team to look into it. To access the support chat option you do have to be logged into the help center. The easiest way to do that is to go to the Help menu in ShipStation and click "Get Help" - that will open the help center in another tab and you'll automatically be logged in. The support widget will appear in the bottom right of the screen (it looks like a little speech bubble). 


Sarah H.
Austin, Tx