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Exclude Shipping Services

Occasional Contributor

Is there any way to set up an automation that excludes certain shipping services? We utilize Ship Station to help us pick the best ground rate for shipments. The idea is we would like to offer customers the option to pay a set premium per order and then we would not ship Fedex Ground Economy (Smart Post) or UPS Sure Post. So, I would flag the order and would like an automation to exclude Fedex Ground Economy and UPS Sure Post when an order has that flag.



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You can also exclude shipping services and packages displayed in shipstation under shipping options.


This is actually a great idea and one we do in my own company. We call it “premium shipping”. We basically just eliminate some economy services. We use Shipstation to tag orders that have requested service as premium shipping. Then, we use to create a segment that targets these orders and then create a rate shopping action where we only include the carriers we want to be considered. Works like a charm. Requires the use of shipping plus, which works really well with ShipStation. highly recommend you check them out if you’re interested in something like this. We make a killing by just charging a slight premium on “premium shipping”