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Inventory and Product Management

New Contributor

Hi there,

The company I work for just made the transition to using ShipStation for our e-commerce store.

Currently, we have 4 channels that are set to import a SKU number if one isn't already created. I just finished compiling a list of SKUs for all of the apparel products we have to sell. However, some SKU's have already autogenerated into ShipStation. Is there a way I can replace the ones that were autogenerated with the new one I just created? I set up individual SKUs based on product sizes, that way we can keep better track of inventory in the warehouse. Thoughts? 



Hello @HCR


Thanks so much for posting in the community about this trouble you are running into. We appreciate you turning here and are so thrilled to have you with us. 


When it comes to this type of SKU consolidation, I find that setting up aliases for those SKUs is a great option. This path would allow you to establish the SKU that you want to use moving forward from the list you created, and it lets the system know that if anything from that group of SKUs is imported, it truly means your established product. 


While the article above will speak about that feature, you may also want to read about the actual process of combining products. This will be more helpful for your already existing SKUs that you want to reorganize to be an alias of the "master SKU" that you have just created. 


I hope this helps! 

From Moderator Davis, May the force be with you!