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Is it possible to tag new orders in ShipStation based on a Customer tag in Shopify

New Contributor

We have a few customers who regularly order from us and who need special services from our packing team.  Is there a way to tag those customer records in Shopify and then create an automation or something in ShipStation so that any new orders from customers with that Shopify tag are tagged in ShipStation as well?



I am not as familiar with Shopify as shipstation, but it appears possible, detailed here.  It doesn't specifically mention Customer Tags in the text portion of the article, but it shows 'Customer Tags' in the image of the dropdown menu midway down the page. 

You could also accomplish the same thing entirely from the shipstation side, for any platform, by a series of order automations that check for a unique attribute of the customer (address, email, phone number), group them all together and have them all apply the same tag, then use that tag to denote/make automation decisions regarding needing special services. 

New Contributor

Yes, we do this for many different tags. You would set up a filter based on that tag. Once you have an order with a tag come through, click on the order number in Shipstation and scroll to the bottom under NOTES to see where that tag is landing. Majority of our tags are visible on the custom Field 2 or Custom Field 3. Set up your filter based on that field and then you can set up automations from settings>automations>automation rules.  I hope that helps.