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Needs Assistance: Email a customer's label to a second customer for mailing.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Originally posted by Diana Dwyer


Somehow Customer A's package did not get mailed to her.  Instead, Customer B's package was sent to Customer A. Customer A will gladly forward the package onto Customer B if I can email her a label.


Is there a way to send Customer A a label for Customer B's package via email when we have only Customer B's info available for the package?  I am perplexed as to what to change to make this happen.


Thanks for any help available.



This is obviously an old post but in the spirit of community finding value, here's how we do it. We create additional warehouse/ship from entries in the admin area. You need to do that for both customers that have been criss-cross shipped (we've even done it between 3 parties when things get really wild).


So, now you go into customer A's order and create a return. Select Customer B as the recipient (from the dropdown). Do the same but in reverse for the other order.