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Override import name not always working


I have all of my inventory items set to "override the import name" but it is not always working.  About half of my orders are imported with the store name rather than the item name assigned in ShipStation, which is an abbreviation of the store name.  This helps reduce the amount of space the items occupy on a packing list because our store names are lengthy.  I would like to know how to correct this if anyone has any ideas.

Thank you


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@heathert73 I find a similar issue happening with our orders but at a less frequent rate and the attached picture shows an example of this. Most of the orders that contain the SKU have the name replaced, while 4 in this particular batch do not. Any information on why this is happening would be appreciated. The "Override store name" is definitely checked in the product catalog for this particular SKU.

import namepng.png

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This is a workaround I found. It's not ideal because you would have to potentially do it every day for every SKU, but if you just need to update a particular SKU it works as follows:

1. Go to the product catalog and click a SKU that is affected
2. Uncheck and Check the "Override the imported name" box"
3. Check the "Apply changes to open orders" box
4. Click save

That will update any orders in your queue that have lines items with that SKU.

Thank you for the suggestions @SwankyBadger.  Your solution does work of course, but as you pointed out,  It is not efficient as we have over 2500 SKU's.

Hey @SwankyBadger

I reached out to support on this topic and while they do not yet have a fix, they did offer this work around that is a bit more efficient.  It worked for my orders so I thought I would share.

If you go to Settings > Automation > Automation Rules, you can Reprocess Automation Rules to rename all of your products on open orders!