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Post Office Shipments - Advice for High Volume

New Contributor

For those of you who do high volume shipping (40+ daily), particularly if you work from home, how do you get your packages mailed out?  Do you take them to the post office yourself? Does your neighborhood carrier pick up your packages for you? Do you pay someone (like a contractor, Task Rabbit, etc.) to take them to the post office for you?


I run my e-commerce business from home, averaging 40 to 50 mostly small packages per day, until holiday season where it averages 60 per day. I physically take my packages to the local post office most days and fortunately can just drop them off at their loading dock out back.


Most of the time, taking the packages to the post office myself isn't an issue.  However, I've spoken with my neighborhood carrier about picking up my packages, and he said he could do it most of the time but not always, depending on how full his truck is, especially during the holidays.  Also, although I live in a decent neighborhood, I'm not comfortable with leaving mail out in bins where anybody can see them.  I've also checked out office spaces, but often I find their mail rooms pretty small; I don't think it would work to leave high volumes of packages there, either.


I may start paying someone to take them for me on a weekly basis on my heaviest days (Mon and Tue). Just wondering if there are any non-obvious solutions out there I'm not aware of?



Hi- We do ship from a warehouse, but I have set up a daily pick-up by USPS.  They have a free version that is whenever your carrier comes by or you can pay a fee for a set time.  Maybe try that out one Monday and see how it works for you.  You just go into USPS and set up an account if you don't already have one.  ~Barbara

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We live in a rural area and have a warehouse on our property. Our carrier picks up daily for free, right now we average 75 orders/day but during the spring & summer it is 150+ plus per day, the highest we've had in a day is just under 500. We've been here a year and maybe twice in that time he couldn't fit them all in his Jeep. The carrier offered to come back but I gladly dropped the rest off at the post office.

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We process anywhere from 25-75 USPS shipments per day. We are actually over the 1/2 mile from the mail boxes, but we've got it to where the mail carrier calls us when she is at our mailboxes and we meet here there to exchange packages for our mail. She calls us about 5 minutes from when she's there. This has worked out awesome for us, and has made us also have a closer relationship with our carrier and Post Master as well! 

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Howdy, you just need to use the following:


Schedule a Pickup | USPS


This is the non paid schedule of your regular daily mail service. You will put in the number of packages that need to be picked up and that allows them over time to adjust the size of the truck needed.