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Scan to Print and Verify Requiring Multiple Scans


When processing orders, our invoices with only one product on them are required to scan at least twice before ShipStation will verify the product and move to the print label widget if the mouse cursor is in the "Verify Item" box. We've noticed that if we click outside of the "Verify Item" box so the mouse cursor is not blinking there, ShipStation will scan once and verify the item and move to the print label widget. However, then the mouse cursor will populate in the "Find Shipment" which interferes with using the "p" key to print, or the "Scan to Print Barcode" and preventing the label from printing. We've confirmed the scanners carriage return is set to automatically enter. This is not happening with orders that have multiple items.


Anyone know how to stop the mouse cursor from interrupting the workflow for processing orders? This is making fulfilling orders clunky and annoying.


Thanks in advance.