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Scan to Verify Workflow needs improvement

Occasional Contributor

Does anyone else think the Scan to Verify Workflow is backwards? 

For starters, if you want to use a barcode scanner to retrieve your order for verification, you would need to have a packing list with the barcode at the bottom (otherwise you would have to copy and paste the order number to retrieve the order). But as a business process, we would not have a packing list until we have confirmed and verified what we will be shipping. Also what if there isn't sufficient inventory to completely verify the shipment? You would need to split the order before verifying. This adds an additional step. 

I would like to offer an improved workflow:

1. A shipper pulls up the order from the Orders grid.
2. There is a Verify Order button at the top of the order.
3. The user scans the product(s). 
4. Anything not scanned has an option to split or move into a newly created shipment.
5. Verify Manually
6. Shipment(s) are automatically created with corresponding packing slips. 



Occasional Contributor

How about just putting the barcode on the pick list? Go pick the items, scan to verify, print the label and the packing list together.